Toddler swimming

Toddler swimming is courses for toddlers (1 – 4 years). The focus on these courses is to make the toddlers feel safe and enjoy the water. Parents take actively part in these courses and join their children in the water.

Courses run for 30 minutes once a week on Mondays in the small pool at Hundsund Bad.

We divide the children by age and adjust the activities to the age group:

  • Toddler from 1 – 2 years. – Duppe (16.30 and 17.00)
  • Toddler from 2 – 3 years. – Duppe (17.30 and 18.10)
  • Toddlers from 3 – 4 years – Elias (18.40)

We practice floating on the stomach and back, having mouth – nose – ears – face and head under water, leg kicks and breathing techniques.
The course is filled with activities and the exercises are learned through play and fun with a parent. ‘Our experience is that the lessons is a new platform to connect and play with your child, and something to look forward to for both parent and child.

Price for course (8 times) – NOK 1640 (+ NOK 300 annual membership fee)

For registration, please use the link
For questions please contact us at