Learn to swim with BSV

We offer swimming lessons and water activities for babies, toddlers, children and adults. We are a part of the Norwegian Swimming School from the Norwegian Swimming Federation, and we teach by their principles and pedagogy.

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Signing a child into a swimming lessons and water activity:
To sign in at our courses, please send us an e-mail: kurs@barumsvommerne.no. We will then contact you, to offer you a space. Note that for the beginner levels there will be waiting lists. 

You also need to create a user in www.tryggivann.no, so that we can sign you in. If you need explanation on how to do this, please see our manual here. We can also help you create a user if you send us an e-mail.

Read more about enrolling courses

To register for an activity, you must create a user at www.tryggivann.no, and then select the lessons that you want to attend. You can then sign in to a waiting list for the course level you want to attend. We contact you when we have available space.

To sign in for crawl course for children/ youth:
To find these lessons on www.tryggivann.no please select courses from Bærumsvømmerene, then choose the course category “annet (other)»

Enrolling to a course is binding. 

If you have further question, please e-mail kurs@barumsvommerne.no or phone: 456 10 980 (between 10 am and 4 pm on weekdays).