Joining our training groups

Once you have completed the course ladder and the shark level, you can join a recruit or training group. Depending on age, you will be offered either a recruit group or a training group. Here is some useful information if you who want to do swimming as a sport.

The shark level is the last course before you can join our regular training groups. In the course we focus on teaching good technique in all 4 swimming arts, as well as swimming longer distances. When you have completed the level you will be offered a spot in one of our recruit or training groups.

The training takes place in Bergerhallen in Rykkinn, Hundsund in Snarøya. A few of the groups swim in Nadderudhallen on Sunday afternoon. You will be offered a group that swims 2-3 times a week, and we recommend that you train at least 2 times a week.  The recruit groups are divided by age. The recruit groups also participate in recruit competitions with other swimming clubs approx. once a month. In these competitions the focus is to learn how to compete and have fun. The coaches guide and coach the swimmers during the competition.

If you are over a certain age, you will be offered to train twice a week with the Speed Up group.  The focus on this training group is to have a good work out, have fun and have a good social environment. If your goal is to compete in swimming and you are offered Speed Up, you can after a periode move to a competition group. If you want to compete, it is important that you talk to your coach, so that they can help and support you in achieving this goal.

After a periode of time in the recruit groups, the coaches will evaluate your development, and you might get offered a higher recruit group or a competition group. We focus mostly on technical skills and motivation, when we evaluate swimmers to a higher group. That you enjoy training, enjoy working towards a goal and additional are focused on training is also important.How fast you swim isn’t important. The time you spend in a recruit group will vary, children develop in different paces, and it’s important to give them time to develop at their own speed. There is often a dialogue between coaches, parents and the child before you are offered a competitive group. You have to be minimum 10 years old to participate in a competition group.

You can also be offered a training group such as Speed Up after the recruit groups. This will depend on what you want with your swimming. If competing in swimming isn’t important to you, Speed Up will be correct for you.  There is often a waiting list to join this group, as a lot of children enjoy to swim, but don’t want to compete.

Swimming as a competitive sport requires a lot of training and you need to commit to training and attending competitions. At a higher level you will also need to commit to training camps and training in the holidays.

Our training groups have highly qualified and motivated coaches in all groups at all levels.