How to register and search for a course

How to search and sign in for activities

  • To search for activities, you don’t need to be logged in. Use the search box to search for activities («søk etter aktivitet»). You can search for activities from Bærum municipality or set the search box for courses from Bærumsvømmerne. Please note that on you’ll find swimming lessons offered all over Norway.
  • Before you sign up for an activity, you need to create a user account. Se the separate guide for «how to create a user account».


  • Once you found an activity you want to sign into, you click on the button «Meld meg på». Please note that for most children activities from age 4 you will be signed in to a waiting list.  When we have a free space, we will contact you with an offer to start the activity. You will not receive an invoice while you’re on the waiting list.
  • You’re forwarded to an information page. Here you’ll find information regarding the activity: time, location, price, contact information to the club and a description of the activity.  You can click on the «Meld på» (sign in) on the bottom of the page to sign on to the activity.
  • If you are not logged in, you will need to do this now.

  • Choose the person (yourself or a child) that you want to sign into an activity. Remember to tick of the box «Ved å klikke på Fullfør bekrefter jeg påmelding» (By clicking on finish I confirm that I want to sign into the activity).
  • Then click on «Fullfør» (finsh) to fulfill signing into the activity.